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Within our 3 counties are 12 publicly-owned industrial parks (including 4 Advantage Sites), plus privately-owned properties. ALL offer easy highway access via one or more of our many State and Federal highways - including sites adjacent to the interchanges serving the new I-22.The available Advantage sites include Gateway Industrial Park East, Guin I-22 Industrial Site, Hamilton I-22 Industrial Park, Lamar County Industrial Park.

  • NameCountyCityTotal AcreageAvailable Acreage
    Fayette Industrial Park Fayette Fayette 271 200
    Fayette Industrial Site North Fayette Fayette 44 43
    Town of Berry Industrial Park Fayette Berry 40 40
    Lamar County Industrial Park Lamar Vernon 316.5 170.5
    Vernon Industrial Park Lamar Vernon 122 122
    Bedford Industrial Park Marion Hamilton 191.8 72
    Black Creek Mega Site Marion Brilliant 1600 1600
    Gateway Industrial Park West Marion Brilliant 122 122
    Gateway Industrial Park East Marion Winfield 100 100
    Gateway Industrial Park North Marion Winfield 239 239
    Guin I-22 Industrial Site Marion Guin 253 210
    Hamilton I-22 Industrial Site Marion Hamilton 299 218
    Marion County Airport Site 2 Marion Hamilton 405 405
    West Winfield Industrial Park Marion Winfield 85 11

    Source: U.S. Census

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  • Name County CitySquare Footage
    American Power Source Fayette Fayette 40,704
    Berry Wood Products Fayette Berry 44,132
    Marathon Building Fayette Fayette 106,650
    North River Apparel Fayette Berry 33,000
    Lamar Healthcare Clinic Lamar Sulligent 14,924
    Omni Building Lamar Sulligent 50,320
    Sitel Marion Winfield 42,256
    Speed Rack Marion Hamilton 206,000

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